1. What kind of network connection (bandwidth) do I need to see Big Max's videos?

If you require that videos stream smoothly and immediately, you will likely require upwards of 20 MBps.  However, videos will play smoothly (but not immediately) with lower speed connections.

2. My web browser is playing the videos but they appear very jittery, or are stopping and starting a lot.  Why?

If you have confirmed that you have sufficient bandwidth so that our high definition videos can stream from our server to you, there are other reasons why this problem could occur.  For example, the performance of some browsers playing high definition videos on some platforms can result in this problem.  We recommend trying another browser.  In our experience, the most reliable browsers for high definition video playback are Edge and Internet Explorer on Windows, and Safari on Mac/iOS.  Google's Chrome browser, in particular, has repeatedly caused this problem for some of our subscribers; switching to another browser almost always solved the issue for them.