Big Max Meets Keith: The Big Oil-up and Posedown

Their workouts finished, sweat drenched Max and Keith hang out in the posing room, chugging protein shakes and talking about their superior size. Max gets derisive about other bodybuilders, commenting on how tall and massive both he and and Keith are, how they tower over and intimidate any other bodybuilders in the gyms they go to. After finishing up their post workout protein, the two muscle titans decide it's time to really show off the goods. Stripping down naked and pulling on pairs of skimpy posing trunks, Max and Keith begin a pose-off. Mirroring each other, each eager to out-flex his rival, you can feel the chemistry and subtle masculine aggression between these stunning powerhouses. Max decides to step things up a notch, and gets out the baby oil. Rubbing his strong, meaty hands all over Keith's thick, solid body, the shine of the oil picks out the muscle in stunning detail. Once he is finished, Keith takes a moment to enjoy his freshly oiled-up look, and poses for the camera on his own. Then he grabs the oil, clearly relishing the chance to get his hands all over Max's incredible body, obvously lingering over the musclegods huge pectorals and quads. When both muscle stallions are covered, they pose again side by side. Now fully pumped from the workout, and glistening in the light, these two awe-inspiring physiques will take your breath away.