Big Max Vs. Grant Part 1

Max answers the challenge of a wrestler, arranging to meet him in dungeon mat room. Decked out in classic pro wrestling gear, Max waits for opponent, flexing his monstrous physique for the camera.  When the challenger arrives, Max can't help but laugh. Although Grant is a thick, powerfully built wrestling veteran, he is dwarfed by Max's sheer mass. Grant is a full 8" shorter and nearly 90lbs lighter, and Big Max can't take his challenge seriously. But Grant trash talks Max, accusing him of having nothing but 'mirror muscle', saying he thinks he hasn't got any real strength or skill. Max is riled up by his cocky opponent, and they face off.  After a few seconds of wrestling, in which Grant is throw around the mats like a rag doll, it is obvious that the smaller muscle man is completely out of his league. Every hold or maneuver that he tries, is simply countered by Max's inhuman muscle power.  Getting desperate, Grant resorts to dirty fighting to fell the giant. And even comes close to taking Max out with a sleeper. But Max is too tough to go down and tears his way free of the hold at the last minute.