Ultimate Worship Part 1

A lucky muscle devotee is given permission by Max the Musclegod, to worship and adore his massive physique. Max is looking huge and ripped, and is totally on display and naked, so proud and cocky, he looks at totally at ease being exposed liek this. As the admirer buries his face into Max biceps and kisses them, you can see the look on Max's face. He is happy and satisfied to be worshipped this way. He knows how good he looks and how fitting it is that he should be adored this way.

As the worship continues, we get to see every angle of Max's bulging and massive frame. His sexual energy pulses out from his flexing muscles, and his worshipper is clearly caught in the thrall of this incredible Alpha Male. Getting out the oil, Max tells him that he will be worshipping him all day. Once his skin is glistening with the oil, we can see in even greater detail just how beautiful and perfect his phsyqiue is. From his rock hard pecs, to his massive 22" guns, right down to his big, bulging muscle butt.

Get ready for things to get even hotter and raunchier in part 2...