Rematch Part 2: Wrestle Torture

Big Max still seething with rage, unleashes all manner of hell on his poor victim. Grant is cowed into low groans, too scared of Max's wrath to even try and submit or beg. Twisting Grant up into choking camel clutches and Boston crabs, Max is brutal and relentless. This is no wrestling match, this is nothing but a total beat down!

Max scissors Grant's head between his massive legs, and we watch quads that are bigger and heavier than any mans, put so much pressure on the poor muscle bitch's skull that it's a wonder he doesn't pass out from the pain.

Max then decides to be generous, and gives Grant an opportunity to regain his dignity. He gives him a free shot, any hold he wants. Grants opts for a fig-4 leg lock, but Max just laughs at the little guys attempts to hurt his massive, powerful body. Quickly reversing the hold, Max then grabs Grant in a gut-wrench bear hug. Unable to take it anymore, Grant passes out, crushed and squeezed to unconsciousness by 22" arms.

But even after knocking out his victim, Max isn't done yet....