Rematch Part 3: Sexual Play Toy

Big Max, now wearing just posers, returns to his dungeon to find Grant still out-for-the-count, having been squeezed unconscious in Max’s massive 22” arms in Part 2. Disappointed that his favorite little toy is broken Max decides that, despite Grant being limp and lifeless, he is still going to use him to get himself off. Dragging him around the mats, he throws his plaything onto his back and mounts him.

Grinding up again him cock to cock, Max’s massive body overshadows his smaller victim, their bulging packages pressing against one another. Max begins to hump Grant, the sheer power and mass of his body pounding him into the floor. But Grant barely even stirs, the damage done to him too much to overcome.

So Max stands over Grant, strips down naked, and works his beautiful dick for the camera. For several ecstatic minutes, he pumps his shaft, Max’s muscle rippling as he does so. Don’t miss the explosive climax of this incredible video!