Big Max Bulking Up!

Max is growing again and he’s showing off for the camera. His humongous body cries out for attention, as he slowly strips down from shorts and tank top. He gets high of his own manscent, smelling his clothes as he discards them. Talking down to the camera, turning himself and viewer as we view the dramatic size that this muscle god has attained.

His lats, his quads, his hamstrings, his inhuman arms are almost beyond belief. How a human being can become a sexual, pumped up monster like this defies comprehension. Stripping away everything and letting us stare at his beautiful, naked physique, he bounces his pecs for us. He talks about how easily he could press, lift and squeeze the viewer, drawing the observer into a dark, intimate sexual fantasy.

Keep watching this site, as Max is only going to get bigger and hotter!