Buff Workout

In a dark, stone and concrete basement, Max strips down naked to workout for us. The small home gym equipment is not sufficient to challenge his unnatural strength, but it allows him to work up a pump for us, and to see every inch of his body in flexing, pulsating motion.

Starting out with the resistance bands, he pumps his biceps and his shoulders over and over, until every vein and striation is popping out in full 3D. Then he moves to press-ups and we get to watch this massive mound of muscle from every angle as each repetition he forces 310lbs of beef into the air.

Once he moves onto the weights, you will already be dripping with anticipation. The bench press is laughably light for a monster like Max, but he just pushes out rep after rep until his pectorals are so engorged that you won’t be able to think about anything but burying your face in that muscled cleavage!

More weight work, some lat pulldowns and Max decides to oil himself up for us. A final pose down shows off his pumped up body, and gives us time to climax.