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Diet Update

Big Max is getting ready for competing, and that means a change of diet, a renewed focus on cutting body fat and the transformation into a shredded muscle beast for the stage. He shares with us some details of his upcoming competition, as well as some of the upcoming plans for the site and his fans. But this being Big Max, he can't talk for long before he has to strip off the camera and starts flexing his god-like physique. Hungry for attention and worship, he moves his body hypnotically through the classic muscle poses.

Training with Big Frank

Part 1: Shoulders and Tris


Max pairs off in the gym with the notorious bodybuilder and wrestler, Frank the Tank. These two monsters, virtually equals in size and power, effortlessly heft weights around in the gym that most men would even struggle to pick up. When Max supersets skull crushers and close grip bench pressing, he bangs out so many reps, you can barely believe he's moving 225lbs every time. In between sets, both Max and Frank take their moments to brag into the camera, to remind us that they are the alpha males we want to watch. As the workout progresses, you can see the pump in Max's arms and shoulders, inflated from the workout. And Frank is glistening with sweat, his bronzed, massive body awesome to behold. You can practically smell the testosterone between these two musclegods. Finishing up the video with a pose-off in the mirror, you can see the cocky confidence that these two share. They know they are the largest, most intimidating guys in the entire gym, and they love it!

Muscle Voyeur

In this intimate, sexually charged video, the viewer takes on the role of a muscle obsessed voyeur. Spying from outside on Big Max, recently returned home after a long, gruelling workout, the musclegod wearing just his underwear, is practicing his posing right in front of the window. Drawn in by the awesome sight of 310lbs of raw muscle and sex appeal, the voyeur betrays his own presence and is spotted by Max.  Too late to hide or run, Max steps out the door. But instead of chasing off the intruder, Max, gives him a choice, come inside or get an ass-kicking. Once the nervous voyeur kneels face to face in front of the object of his obsession. Max reveals that he knows that he has been watching him, and since he's in a generous mood, he tells his captive that he is going to make him worship his muscle. Max begins to flex and feel up his incredible body, getting clearly turned on by his own massiveness. Soon, he strips off his sweat soaked underwear and throws it at the voyeur, telling him to 'sniff it'. Max oils himself up, adding a glistening shine to his sculpted physique, emphasizing his flawless muscle definition.  Soon Max is lost in the glory of his own body, and starts to tell the voyeur how he is going to serve him all night and begins to describe the lewd sexual acts he will be performing for his new muscle master. Becoming so aroused by his dominance over this stranger in his home, Max begins to work his dick for the camera. He tells the voyeur that he is now owned, nothing but a sex to his muscle. The voyeur knows his night of servitude is just beginning...

Big Max Meets Keith: Big-time Wrestling

The tension between them finally having reached it's inevitable confrontation, Max and Keith lock up on the mats to finally decide which of them is the superior Alpha stud. So even matched in size and power, it comes down to aggression and pure grit. Max gets in the first hold, pulling Keith into a rear naked choke, but before he can capitalize on his advantage, Keith reverses it into a rear bearhug. The strain on Max's face is obvious as Keith's huge arm squeeze his rib cage, Max is able to use his titantic strength to pull apart Keith's grip. Keith moves his hold into a full Nelson, but Max's lats and traps are so huge, even arms as long as Keith's can lock in the hold. Max powers out by flexing downwards and dives into Keith, pulling him to the mats. Pinned under 310lbs of angry Max, Keith moans and struggles. Rolling to the side, Max locks in a bodyscissors, crushing Keith his inhuman thighs, causing his opponent to yell out in pain. But the oil covering the two men allows Keith to slip out of Max's grasp and he attempts to counter with a headscissors, but is unable to keep Max's head between his legs. Mounting Keith as he crawls on the mats, Max locks in another rear naked choke, but Keith wriggles free again. Both then attempt to pin the other, but neither can keep the other down. Max even resorts to fighting dirty, driving his knee into Keith's groin. Getting to their feet again, the two giants lock up in a test of strength, but struggling long and hard, neither gets an advantage. The exhaustion from the workout and posedown now setting in, the giants end up wrapped in each others limbs on the mats, each trying to squeeze a submission out of each other. When it becomes obvious that neither of them can win, they roll on their backs, each covered with sweat, oil and panting from their titanic efforts. They agree to a draw, promising to meetup again. A brief interlude afterwards, show our muscle idols eating enough sushi for a large family, to refuel their exhausted muscle.

Big Max Meets Keith: The Big Oil-up and Posedown

Their workouts finished, sweat drenched Max and Keith hang out in the posing room, chugging protein shakes and talking about their superior size. Max gets derisive about other bodybuilders, commenting on how tall and massive both he and and Keith are, how they tower over and intimidate any other bodybuilders in the gyms they go to. After finishing up their post workout protein, the two muscle titans decide it's time to really show off the goods. Stripping down naked and pulling on pairs of skimpy posing trunks, Max and Keith begin a pose-off. Mirroring each other, each eager to out-flex his rival, you can feel the chemistry and subtle masculine aggression between these stunning powerhouses. Max decides to step things up a notch, and gets out the baby oil. Rubbing his strong, meaty hands all over Keith's thick, solid body, the shine of the oil picks out the muscle in stunning detail. Once he is finished, Keith takes a moment to enjoy his freshly oiled-up look, and poses for the camera on his own. Then he grabs the oil, clearly relishing the chance to get his hands all over Max's incredible body, obvously lingering over the musclegods huge pectorals and quads. When both muscle stallions are covered, they pose again side by side. Now fully pumped from the workout, and glistening in the light, these two awe-inspiring physiques will take your breath away.

Big Max Meets Big Keith: Big Back Battle

Big Max trains in the gym with another huge stud, calling himself 'Beautiful Keith'. Matching Max in height, and packing almost as much muscle on his frame, these two muscle idols train their lats together. Starting off as a friendly rivalry, pretty soon you can see that innate competitveness of two alpha males emerging. Pushing each other to lift heavy, hog the camera time and admire themselves in the mirror. Keith even licks his own biceps behind Max's head while our big muscle god shows off. The rivalry between these two monsters creates an air sexual tension, that becomes more tangible the more pumped up they get. You can feel that its going to lead somewhere...


Muscle In Charge

Entering into the room, where the camera sits at the perfect low angle, the observer is on his knees awaiting the entrance of Big Max. Eager to show off, Max is clearly fresh from the gym, as the pump in his muscle, and the sweat marks on clothes show. He begins a long, sexual strip tease for us, taking off first his tank top.  In between each piece of clothing being removed, he flexes and poses for us, the power and size of his body both arousing and intimidating. He tells us we are to worship him, and his eyes tell us that he craves our attention. Becoming more sexually charged, as he gets lost in the stunning site of his own physique, he is eventually wearing only his underwear. The sweat marks drip down his butt crack, showing off his massive muscle ass perfectly. The viewer can't help but imagine the scent of sweat and testosterone that must be filling that room.  Max loves to be naked, and soon we see him in all his pumped-up glory. He talks about how his muscle is growing every day, and how we are going to watch him get bigger and bigger over the coming months. Eventually, the camera gets even lower, and we get a split screen view. Max gets nasty now, demanding we worship his cock and service him. Insisting on absolute servitude from his worshippers, the domineering side of Max comes out. And its incredible to behold...

Contest Dieting

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